South Actress Rashmika Mandanna Lift  Video Viral

Rashmika Mandanna is an Indian actress who works in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi films. On Monday , A video of Rashmika Mandana recently went viral on Internet; However, it was later found to be deepfake video. Withn in sec this video went viral on internet.

The AI-fabricated video shows actress wearing a black dress and entering an elevatorto. However, the video is of another lady and was created by using an AI technology called deepfake. The Actress expressed her disappointment  and pointed out the misuse of technology to malign someone's image.

"Today as a woman and as an actor, I am thankful for my family, friends and well wishers who are my protection and support system. But if this happened to me when I was in school or college, I genuinely can't imagine how could I ever tackle this. We need to address this as a community and with urgency before more of us are affected by such identity," Rashmika Mandanna posted on Instagram.

The person in the video is a British woman named Zara Patel. She has a huge social media following and had uploaded the video last month.  Sharing details, X user named Abhishek said that You might have seen this viral video of actress Rashmika Mandanna on Instagram. But wait, this is a deepfake video of Zara Patel.

Amitabh Bachchan supports Rashmika and he has called for legal action against the deepfake of Mandanna. Union Minister of State for Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar said on X (formerly Twitter) that “deepfakes are the latest and even more dangerous and damaging form of misinformation and need to be dealt with by (online) platforms”.