BSE sets new record  hit Rs 301 Lakh Crore


The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has set a groundbreaking financial record, surging to remarkable heights in trading activity. Now new record on BSE Turnover hits Rs.301 Lakh Crore.

BSE exchange an outstanding volume  of over 42.4 crore contracts traded, reaching a pinnacle Open Interest (OI) of 71.1 and achieving a remarkable notional turnover surpassing Rs 301 lakh crore.

The colossal volume of contracts traded reflects heightened engagement on the exchange, showcasing trust placed by investors and traders in BSE as a reliable platform for financial transactions.

The peak Open Interest of 71.1 lakh highlights the sustained interest and commitment of market participants to maintain and carry forward their positions, contributing to the overall market depth.

The Standout figure in this achievement is the notional turnover, which soared to an impressive Rs 301.9 lakh crore and reaffirms its commitment to enhancing the trading experience for investors. 

BSE expresses optimism about the  future and also BSE record-breaking accomplishment sets a positive tone for the industry, reinforcing India stature as  key player in the global financial arena. 

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