Jio launch New Cloud based Laptop 


Reliance Jio is planning to launch a new Jio cloud PC laptop. According to a report, This move is part of Jio's ongoing efforts to expand its hardware offerings, which include budget-friendly phones and laptops. 

This cloud laptop will help in Jio provide better performance even with entry-level hardware. According to a report, the priced around Rs.15,000.The cloud laptop is currently being tested on an HP Chromebook.

Reliance Jio Cloud PC laptop is not only a game-changer for individual users but also holds great potential for businesses and educational institutions.The launch of the Cloud PC laptop solidifies the company’s reputation for innovation.

“The cost of a laptop depends on its hardware like memory, processing power, chipset etc. The greater capacity of these hardware increases costs as well as battery power.

Jio is also reportedly planning to offer a monthly cloud subscription with the laptop, similar to Apple's iCloud or Google One. The pricing for this subscription is expected to include a range of Jio services.

Earlier this year, Jio introduced its second laptop, the JioBook (2023), priced at Rs. 16,499. The latest JioBook is powered by an octa-core MediaTek MT8788 processor and runs on the Android-based JioOS operating system.

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