Why is Miss Nepal in more discussion than Miss Universe?


The Miss Universe 2023 competition was fierce, and every participant brought her unique charm to the stage. But Someone stole the spotlight from Miss Universe winner and made history on this grand stage and went viral on the internet.

Miss Nepal, Jane Dipika Garrett, who stole the spotlight and made history as the first plus-sized model to compete on this grand stage.Her journey from Nepal to the international stage was remarked by her confidence and determination.

She is a nurse and business developer by profession. Her journey was a precedent to her self-confidence and her belief that every woman should embrace her body and feel beautiful in her own skin.

In the competition, Jane impressed both the judges and the audience with her talent, intelligence, and grace. Although, Jane’s impact on the pageant and the global conversation about body positivity was amazing.

In the end, Sheynnis Alondra Palacios Cornejo’s win Miss Universe 2023 with her beauty and charisma, while Jane Dipika Garrett’s didn’t win the crown but her journey proved precedent in future in the world of fashion and beauty.

Miss Universe 2023 will be remembered not only for the crowning of a new queen but also for the incredible journey of Miss Nepal, who proved that beauty knows no boundaries and every woman deserves to shine on the world stage.

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