OnePlus 12 Rain Touch and Cooling Technology 


OnePlus enthusiasts, get ready for a smartphone revolution. The OnePlus 12 is set to redefine the user experience with two groundbreaking features. The revolutionary "Rain Touch" technology and an advanced cooling system features.

OnePlus 12 introduces the exclusive "Rain Touch" technology. Addressing touch insensitivity after the screen gets wet, this innovation enhances user interaction in various scenarios. Whether you're outdoors or gaming with sweaty hands.

OnePlus users can expect a subversive improvement in touch sensitivity, even in rainy conditions. The OnePlus 12 Rain Touch takes this innovation a step further by optimizing sliding, pulling down, and other operational actions.

OnePlus 12 also introduced a cooling system, “Aerospace-grade TianGong cooling system Pro,” a remarkable upgrade that includes 9140mm² cooling VC and also featuring independent cooling chambers working in tandem, sets a new standard in cooling efficiency.

The OnePlus 12 incorporates advanced materials, such as aerospace-grade high-performance thermal conductive gel and super-conductive graphite, earning the title of “the industry’s strongest thermal conductivity.”

OnePlus 12, which is scheduled to launch in December soon. OnePlus continues to demonstrate its technological prowess by seamlessly integrating these elements in the OnePlus 12, promising users an unparalleled smartphone experience.

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