Shruti Haasan shared pics with her boyfriend


Actress Shruti Haasan is very famous for her films as well as her personal life. The actress keeps sharing many pictures and videos with her rumored boyfriend on social media.

Shruti Haasan has been dating boyfriend Shantanu Hazarika for  long time. She has also shared some romantic pictures with her boyfriend Shantanu Hazarika on social media.

Shantanu Hazarika is a doodle artist who has worked with many big artists in the music industry, including artists like Divine, Ritwij. Shruti and Shantanu know each other since 2018.

Shruti and Shantanu keep uploading each other's pictures and videos on social media. Well, this is not the first time, she keeps sharing her lovely moments with Shantanu every day.

According to media , both have  been with each other for a long time.  In such a situation, news had come  out that Shruti is going to marry her rumored boyfriend Shantanu Hazarika.

Shruti Haasan reacted to this by saying that they have no plans to get married and the two shared the story on Instagram and quashed the rumors of their fake marriage.

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