Urfi Javed wear Makkhi Dress 


Actress Urfi Javed is known for her unique fashion sense. She is always in the news because of her clothes. Recently, Urfi has worn such a dress due to which she has become a topic of discussion among netizens.

Urfi Javed always in the headlines because her strange clothes.She shared new pictures on social media and This time the actress has prepared her outfit with flies. This new look of Urfi is viral on social media.

Recently, Urfi javed has uploaded the video of her new look on instagram. A fly is visible at the beginning of this video. After that, in the video, Urfi is seen in this look of white pants and jacket.

This look is very weired and unique. While sharing the video of her look, Urfi wrote in the caption, “It is good that I was not in the Sasural Simar serial,  because if I had been there, Simar would have had to suffer from flies.

Many fake flies are seen on Urfi's pants and jacket.Some people are praising her new look. While some netizens have trolled Urfi by commenting on her video. She never failed to push the boundaries of her fashion.

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