Navigating the Apple Watch Ban Fallout in US 


USA President Joe Biden administration has maintained the ban on Apple Watch and this news is spreading everywhere and it is a shock for the American people and Apple loving candidates.

The decision following a complaint by medical monitoring technology company Masimo, restricts the import and sale of Apple Watches equipped with blood oxygen monitoring technology.

Apple then informed its customer service teams through a memo that out-of-warranty models of the Apple Watch Series 6 will no longer be replaced by the company in the US.

The decision affects most new Apple Watches sold since 2020, including the Series 6, 7, 8, and Ultra, as well as the current 9 and Ultra 2, all of which feature a blood oxygenation function.

Customers who purchased Watches before the ban and the models are still under warranty will be unaffected by the replacement prohibition, which  can be extended with AppleCare.

The ban applies specifically to Apple and its "affiliated companies, parents, subsidiaries, or other related business entities" and may not affect other retailers that sell Apple Watches.

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