Virat Kohli eats Mock Chicken Tikka


Recently, Virat Kohli shared a post on Instagram Story that sparked widespread curiosity. The post featured what appeared to be 'chicken tikka'. So, What was the story behind this lets revelead.

Virat kohli knew for his lifestyle and strictly for health and fitness. But Due to recent news All the Fans are surprised because Kohli has been known for his vegetarian lifestyle since 2021. 

Virat was actually enjoying a plant- based version of popular dish known as “mock chicken tikka.” This vegetarian alternative uses soy instead of actual chicken, providing the taste and flavor without the meat.

Virat also tagged BlueTribe Foods, the manufacturer of the food and wrote, You’ve really nailed this. The company also later shared a video of the preparation of the plant-based dish  and called it Virat-approved.

Virat Kohli had transitioned to a  vegetarian diet in 2018 due to health reasons, specifically a cervical spine  issue that led to excessive uric acid production. So, he eventually took a  full vegetarian lifestyle.

Kohli’s Instagram post shocked everyone. It has sparked a conversation about healthy eating, plant-based alternatives, and the importance of listening to fitness of your body and dive into the world of plant-based possibilities.

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