Vivek Bindra's wife has given new allegation on him


Recently, a news is going viral on the internet that popular motivational speaker and social media influencer Vivek Bindra has been accused of domestic violence against his wife.

According to the police, the complaint was lodged by Vaibhav Kwatra, brother of Bindra's wife Yanika, who claimed that the incident took place at Supernova Sector 94, Noida where the couple lives.

Bindra and Yanika were married on 6 December. However, after the marriage, Bindra allegedly abused and assaulted Yanika. A video is also viral on the internet in which He beat him publicly.

As per the details mentioned in the FIR, Yanika reportedly has deep wounds on her body from the attack and is unable to hear properly due to the attack. She filed a case of domestic violence against him.

Bada Business CEO Bindra, who is followed by millions on social media, is also at the center of an alleged scam, according to Sandeep Maheshwari, another Indian motivational speaker.

Sandeep released a video titled "Big Scam Expose" on his YouTube channel in which he presented testimonials of students duped by Bindra's company. However, Bindra has denied all the allegations.

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